Become an Agent is committed to creating a better brand and fair platform with the service concept of honest management, and has launched a variety of agency franchise programs. You can earn income without leaving your home, just move your finger and simply promote, you can receive super high commissions.


Agent plan 1: 0.2% of effective turnover

The effective offline betting of the agent is calculated based on one week of Eastern Time, and 0.2% of the total effective offline betting of the agent can be settled as a commission.


Agent plan 2: 30% of negative profit

Taking one week in Eastern Time as the settlement cycle, the calculation method is 30% of the total negative profit. If the entire line is profitable this week, the corresponding commission will not be obtained.

Note: Please choose one of the above options as your agent settlement method. When applying for an agent, you need to fill in all the information correct, and your name, mobile phone, and email address must be true and valid so we can pay the commission to you.

After 3:00 pm local time in the Philippines on every Monday, you can contact the agent commissioner telegram to receive the agency commission for the previous week.

  • Settlement every day, 100% steady profit, 0 investment, 0 risk
  • No capital, no risk, earning millions per month is not a dream.
  • Unique agent model, exclusively launched by , the only one in the Philippines.
  • Zero cost, high return.
  • Double benefits, no matter whether offline customers win or lose, you have crazy benefits.

How to make money provides a free money-earning platform for all customers. As long as you become our agent, as long as you have contacts or promote it. Especially, there is no need for any operation to develop offline.
It will not take too much of your time, and you don’t have to worry about offline losses, you can just sit back and wait for your earnings.

Experience ‘s best reputation platform, the most fair, just and open system, providing a variety of wonderful online games, and joining agents to give partners the highest profit returns. No matter if you have real or online network resources, you can add people without paying any fees, and you will get rich rewards without going online.

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Agent advantage

  • Zero risk, high return, on-time commission every day;
  • There are continuous discounts throughout the year to meet the needs of various types of players;
  • A variety of payment methods for you to choose, so that you will not miss any commission payment;
  • has been operating for many years and is trusted by millions of players;
  • After years of vigorous promotion, the brand is very popular, and the agent can enjoy the brand effect of advertising.
  • Our market strategy is the best in the industry, and word of mouth is also our best marketing method!
  • Our joint venture team will serve you with our best! We provide a variety of communication channels and look forward to serving you !

Please click the above [agent registration] to apply online, fill in the correct information, name, mobile phone, email must be real and effective, so as to pay the commission for you!
Add agent telegram after successful registration: @ provides agent account for review.

How to pay commission

The commission reward will be credited in your member account registered with , you can apply for withdrawal at any time, please contact the agent to apply for binding.
The member account applying for binding must be directly affiliated to the official account, and it is not allowed to be offline by other agents.
Last but not least, for the safety of your commission, the member account you apply for binding must be consistent with the agent’s bank information.


★ Disclaimer ★

We reserve the right to change the commission ratio and calculation method at any time.
If necessary, also reserves the right to change, amend or add any terms without any reason or prior notice.
If the partner does not meet our expected performance within the specified time, reserves the right to cancel the partner account at any time without any reason or advance notice.